God started dealing with Pastor Kelly Holland about Preaching when he was 16. He preached his first sermon at the age of 18. He attended Bible college from the fall of 1999 until he graduated in the Spring of 2002, and received his BA in Theology from Jackson College of Ministries. Pastor Holland began Evangelizing full time in August of 2002 and evangelized in the US for 9 years full time. He took one year and assisted in a church, For a total of 10 years of full time ministry and August of 2014 made 11 years of Full time ministry.

God called the Hollands to Springfield, MO in 2012. 

Springfield Mo is a diverse city of nearly 160K people. The greater metro area is estimated around a quarter of a million souls. Some estimates even say 400K,  Springfield is home to several colleges and universities and is also the headquarters city of the Assembly of God. 

Pastor Holland states: "We are endeavoring to build a strong church in our city that is both Apostolic in Doctrine and Pentecostal in experience.. We want to eventually acquire our own building and property or Purchase property and build. As the church grows to an autonomous level we hope to send out missionaries and evangelists as well as support the work of God abroad. Daughter works are not out of the question either. We recently had a record attendance of 29 in a normal church service that wasn't holiday related! A woman's third time visit and she Prayed back through and her husband who was visiting for the first time nearly prayed through as well! They expressed that they are making FPC their church! We have several people on "the line". But satan is hindering them. Pray we can get them prayed through and converted!"

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