Bro Wood was born and raised in Clyattville, GA. After graduating from Lowndes High School in 1984 he entered the US Navy and served 5 years as a Ship’s Serviceman. While in the Navy stationed in Connecticut Bro Wood married his bride, Angie Fox, on June 20, 1987. After receiving an Honorable Discharge from the Navy they move back to South Georgia to live on Bro. Wood’s family farm.

In 1992 Bro Wood met Bro Everette Chadwick on the job and they became friends who would talk about the Bible during the 12 hour night shift that they worked. Bro Chadwick shared Acts 2:38 and other scriptures with Bro Wood. Having been raised a Southern Baptist Bro Wood was not familiar with these scriptures. Wanting to find the will of God for his life Bro Wood took the scriptures that Bro Chadwick had given him and studied all the while asking God to show him the Truth.

Bro Chadwick invited Bro Wood to men’s prayer night at his church, Truth Harbor Apostolic Church. It was October 1, 1992 as Bro Wood was driving to this prayer meeting that he heard someone read John 1 on a Christian radio station. As the reader got to verse 14, And the Word was made flesh, Bro Wood received the revelation of One God. He was so excited to have received a revelation from God and knew God had heard his prayers.

That next Sunday, October 4, 1992 Bro Wood was baptized in Jesus name for the remission of his sins under Pastor Timothy Bollmann. He received the gift of the Holy Ghost at a men’s prayer meeting on December 10, 1992. Sister Wood was baptized in Jesus name for the remission of her sins on May 9, 1993 and received the gift of the Holy Ghost on March 24, 1994 at Ladies Retreat.

Bro, Wood and Sister Wood fell in love with the Apostolic message and began to teach their children, Jessi, Tana, and Tyler to love God, the Word of God, the man of God, and the house of God. Bro. Wood felt the call of God on his life and was available to his pastor in any capacity needed. He taught Sunday School, visited the county jail, taught Bible studies, was involved in outreach, lead worship service.

In 1996 Pastor Bollmann turned Truth Harbor over to Pastor & Mrs. Ben Weeks. The Wood family began to support Pastor & Sister Weeks in the same way they had supported Pastor & Sister Bollmann.

Pastor Weeks began using Bro Wood to preach at Truth Harbor and helped Bro Wood develop his ministry. Bro Wood first preached out in Macclenny, FL for Pastor Val Johnson. He continued to support his pastor in any way needed over the years and would preach when asked by Pastor Weeks. Sister Wood worked in the school at their church as well as worked in the church office assisting Pastor & Sister Weeks where needed.


In 2006 Pastor Weeks preached a message of his vision for Truth Harbor. In this message he stated that he believed God was wanting to start a work in Douglas, GA, about an hour and a half away from Truth Harbor in Lake Park. Bro Wood caught the vision of his Pastor, and he and his son Tyler began driving to Douglas to pray and seek God’s will for the work there.

On June 22, 2006 Truth Harbor had it’s first service for the daughter work in Douglas at the city gym in a meeting room. Bro Wood assisted Pastor Weeks in the daughter work and on August 2, 2007 they rented a building on Bowen’s Mill Rd and began having a service on Sunday afternoon as well as a Thursday night midweek service.

On February 19, 2012, Brother Wood was ordained at Truth Harbor. On May 2, 2012, the daughter work moved to a new facility in Wilsonville, GA, 12 miles east of Douglas. On May 11, 2012, Bro and Sister Wood were installed as Pastor and the name of the daughter work was changed from Truth Harbor to Landmark of Truth. In August 2012, Pastor and Sister Wood relocated to Douglas along with 2 of their children, Tana and Tyler. Sister Tana plays the keyboard and sings. Brother Tyler plays the bass.

Landmark of Truth was at this location for 1 year. Due to the location Pastor and Sister Wood decided it would be best to move back in to town. After having services in their home for 3 months they moved in to their present location at 1402 W Baker Hwy Suite F where they plan on staying until the Lord gives them a piece of property and they build a church or He gives them a building to call their own.

Please pray for Pastor & Sister Wood and the city of Douglas as they continue steadfastly in the work of God in their city.

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