Elder Michael Couch received the Holy Ghost at the age of 13 and began to preach in 1970 at the age of 15. He started full time evangelism in 1972 at the age of 16. He was married in 1975 to Barbara Chandler of Dyersburg, TN, and has 3 children. In 1979 at the age of 24, he founded and became the pastor of Apostolic Tabernacle located in Winnsboro, LA.

Michael CouchAt the request of Evangelist Donald K. Lance, a long time friend, Elder Couch made a trip to the Philippines in April of 2011 and was requested to take the oversight of Apostolic Independent Missions as General Director and accepted. AIM was founded by Elder Lance in 1981, and he remained active in support and oversight of the missions until his death in July of 2013. Elder David Ogle of Bentonia, MS, is now serving as Assistant General Director in Elder Lance's place. 

Newsletters are mailed to the supporters regularly that show current progress going on in different parts of the Philippines.

AIM consists of scores of churches and ministries scattered throughout the Philippine Islands. AIM’s national convention is held in Cebu, the current headquarters city. 

AIM consists of abut 65 churches with an average attendance of about 40 members.

 The Board of Elders for AIM is: Elder Michael Couch (Gen. Director), Elder David Ogle (Asst. Gen. Director), Elder Jerry Bohol (Acting Secretary), Elder Lingo (Acting Treausurer), and Elder Leopoldo Quilaquil (Missionary Advisor).

 AIM’s vision is to:

1. Teach and train workers and minitries in Apostolic Doctrine.

2. Have revival in the current churches with souls added to the kingdom of God.

3. Support the Philippine ministry in establishing new churches with greater outreach

Some of the projects at this time are:

Planning and support for yearly convention; maintaining the church school on Camotes Island; maintaining and growing a Bible school; and the repair of buildings damaged by storms and/or earthquakes.

Their vision for future projects are:

Establish new churches and more Christian Schools; enlarge the Bible School; purchase land and build a headquarters building with an open air tabernacle.

Praise Report:

Renovations have been made to several churches and the school damaged/destroyed by an earthquake and typhoon. Revival is ongoing and new souls are being added to the kingdom of God. 33rd National Convention 2015 was phenomenal – many stated it was the most powerful of its 33 years. Some testified the services were the best they’d been in since receiving the Holy Ghost. Many left renewed in the Holy Ghost with a greater zeal to do more for the kingdom of God. New church in Basay, to be dedicated this fall.

Prayer Requests:

Strength, wisdom, unity, & direction of the Philippine ministry and works.
That God will continue to send forth laborers into a harvest that is truly "Great!"

The development, teaching and growth of the Training School.

Land and funds for headquarters building and tabernacle.


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