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Current Projects

1. $100,000 -Central Headquarters = The AIM group in the Philippines is in need of a central headquarters. This will include administrative offices, training classes, compact apartment for traveling ministers/missionaries, and an open air tabernacle for annual conference, revivals, camp meetings, etc. The first phase of this goal is securing the land which is very expensive in the Philippines. Materials are also expensive but labor is inexpensive (a journeyman carpenter makes as little as $8 per day). We have qualified volunteer labor from the USA who have offered to make the trip and help supervise the project.


2. $6,000 -Annual Convention = Hundreds of ministers and saints from throughout the Philippines come together once a year for a time of refreshing, renewing, teaching, preaching, worshipping and loving their God. These services are invaluable for the Filipino saints. It is also a time of training, encouragement, establishing doctrinal issues and driving the stakes deeper for the ministry. The funds cover the cost of facility rental, food, and help to ministers who lack travel funds to attend.

3. $1,000 -Training School = This training in the past has given much needed training and tools to students with a desire to do a greater work for God. Graduates from the training are laboring in the field today helping to establish new works, teaching new converts, and training other workers. We see a great need to make this available to more students. The cost is $50/month per student. This $50 includes training materials and living expenses for the student as well as the expenses of bringing in instructors. The classes are 10 months long and trainees attend for two years for a total of $1,000 per student.

4. $100 -One Year of Christian Schooling / Student = enables a child, whose family could not afford the expense, to attend Christian School for a year. Christian School has been an enormous outreach and has impacted the community. It provides spiritual nourishment to the souls of the students in additional to the educational value. This yearly amount also provides a small salary for teachers and buys supplies and some food for students

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