Click HERE to donate! The view from the rear entrance. The Headquarters auditorium view from the platform.
la cieba project | Brent schreckhise


Our current project is the remodeling of the upstairs sanctuary of our Headquarter's church. It has a new metal roof on it, but is far from completed!  All the electrical, wiring and light fixtures need to be put in.  The ceiling needs sheetrock, as well as the taping and floating. Burglar bars and several windows must be installed.


A new stairway must be built on the inside, as well as a bit of masonry work. Additional benches must be built. A new 5-ton AC unit and ductwork will be installed. And finally, we are in need of a more adequate sound system. There are always little things that come to light as the project advances, but we will continue to believe that God will supply every need according to His riches in glory!


Below are a few more pictures of the Headquarters building:

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missionary corner