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Bus Project | Tim Joiner

In the last service of the old year a vision of revival was cast for the Apostolic Pentecostal Church of Belize for 2014. It is a vision of revival and nationwide church growth and development with a push toward evangelism to be implemented like never before. With many previously closed doors suddenly opening wide in the last few months, it would appear that the field is most certainly white unto harvest! In villages and communities where there has previously been no openness to the Gospel, opportunities are presenting themselves and converts are being made. 

However, revival is not without hindrances. In Belize, one of the greatest of these is transportation problems. Because of the horrible road conditions a short journey of only 10 or 15 miles may take 45 minutes or longer. Along with the excessive travel times, the wear and tear on vehicles is extreme. Imagine driving your vehicle for 20 miles in stop and go traffic and you have some understanding of the amount of damage caused by only 1 mile of travel in Belize.

Repairs are made weekly and, sometimes, almost daily on any one of the handful of vehicles available for transporting souls from their homes to Church services. And although the burden of spending thousands of dollars a month in repairs on rapidly decaying vehicles is taxing it does not weigh as heavily on the heart as the fact that often people cannot be brought to service because of frequent, sudden vehicle failures. As a result, people are left on the side of the road waiting for a ride to Church that never arrives. With the overwhelming amount of time, effort and resources that goes in to trying to win each convert, it is heartbreaking to know that a lack of transportation hinders them from being able to come to the House of God.

WE ARE IN URGENT NEED of passenger vans and buses that would meet a few small specifications:

- Age is not important but millage is.

- Diesel buses are needed while either diesel or gasoline vans would be useful.

- Small and large buses are needed but not the “shuttle bus” style because of durability issues.

It is our earnest desire to see Belizeans well represented in the Kingdom of God when our Saviour comes again to gather His Church. Can you help us bring them through the Door of the Kingdom by helping us bring them through the door of the local Church?

Pictures of purchased Vans / Buses!

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