Can You Help Flooded Live Oak Apostolic Church?
Patrick Wollerson/Larry Dudley | Watson, LA

Home Missionary's, Pastor Larry Dudley and Pastor Patrick Wollerson, of Watson, LA, lost almost everything in Live Oak Apostolic Church to the recent flood waters that ravaged South Louisiana. The Dudley's had 6 feet of water in their home and lost everything including both vehicles.  They had no flood insurance on their home or church.  If you feel it in your heart to give, helping them rebuild (no flood insurance because they were not in a flood zone), please give below:

Can you help with the cost of this project? Any amount will be a great help!

All money will go directly to Live Oak Apostolic Church

Donations may be addressed to: Live Oak Apostolic Church  • P.O. BOX 736  • Watson, LA 70706. Please make check payable to Live Oak Apostolic Church

Donations may also be sent via PayPal to the email address:

Or you can click donate below to donate directly to Home Missionary's at Live Oak Apostolic Church!


Thanks in advance for being a part of this project!

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You can donate directly to Live Oak Apostolic Church by clicking the Donate  button below:



God Bless! Thanks for giving to this project.